EMS offers flexibility in flow metering applications. With self-conditioning no-moving parts DP technology, the V-Cone® Flow Meter supports the most challenging flow applications throughout industries. The V-Cone offers high accuracy, wide rangeability,  low maintenance and long-life service. All this while undergoing only a marginal pressure drop in the process. Key Features / Benefits

  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Highly responsive, wide 10:1 turndown ( 30:1 possible when optimized )
  • Eliminates long straight runs of pipe upstream and downstream of the meter
  • Self-conditioning saves space/weight
  • Low maintenance, virtually no recalibration
  • Proven reliability
  • Long life exceeding 25 years

For example: We successfully installed flow measurements for cryogenic applications where they previously remained unmeasured. We have solved problems in LNG applications for gas liquefaction trains and storage tanks.